Red Star Adventures

harperia session 13

The Ring

Erik as Akemo
Bob as Dr. Bad Crumble
Lukas as Logos
Edwin as Cool Guy
Blaizze as Whimpy
Carlos as Edgewater

The group was hired out to go break into Red Star headquarters to steal the red portal ring. After sneaking in they fought against a robotic dog named Doggo. After beating it they decided to keep it. Bad Crumble ventured into The Outside where the mushrooms come from only to find that the mushrroms grow on the body of a fallen god which was killed by a school of level one wizards all using magic missile.

Logos found the ring and jumped through it only to meet with Soveless the Kobold and leader of the guild.

He came back only for Soveless to summon a task force to attack them. Bad Crumble returns and breaks the attack force with his new friend, the Pink Mushroom hive mind whose role is to bring acceptence to everyone and break their mental chains.

The unpleasents and the former Red Star heroes all go to eat some Shakey’s pizza. Captain Sparkles quits Red Star and decides to live out his dream of becomign a Blacksmith.



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