Red Star Adventures

Harperia Session 14

The Dominator Returns

Bob as Dr. Bad Crumble
Blaizze as Whimpy
Carlos as Edgewater
Erik as Akemo
Edwin as Cool Guy
Lukas as Logos

Crow fails to arrive this time for a mission so the players go out to find him. The Crows nest becomes home to a strange, and pethetic Outsider and from him they discover that Crow had been about to go on a very important mission when he was attacke and captured by Silver Cloaks.

The group goes to the undercity where they find the Silver Cloaks main base of opperations. The Dominator had returned once more to grab Crow and was begining to convert him. The players sneak in, grab Crow and get out leaving Bad Crumble to argue with the Dominator all night.



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