Red Star Adventures

Harperia session 7

Alex as Tolvic
Jacob as Clackenstien
Damian as Ramathorn

Candy’s unpleasents were given a title today by Crow. They were supposed to go out and steal the Stave of Sealing and Breaching from Old Hat Trick. Along the way they encountered a group of Silver cloaks Warp Swords doing the very same. After defeating them they went on to the old wall where some of the ancient machinery still functioned. after sneaking past it they got to Old Hat Trick’s square teleporting tower and drugged him before trying to open a chest in search of the stave.

The chest turned out to be a mimic and summoned it’s mimic allies to battle. the group barely survived, got the stave, and returned to their tavern. They were rewarded greately along with being made into some of Candy’s Hards. Now they will serve Candy’s criminal empire in greater capacity.

Clackenstien made a deal with Big Bill to start doing research on some of the Silver Cloaks far shroomed possessed members.



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