Red Star Adventures

log 12, pilgramidge eve

date, 4/18/2002 LW – 4/19/2002 LW
players, Mathew, micheal, bob, suzy, brian

the team goes forward after experrimenting and killing Leeroy jankins…again. they find the Thunder Realm base, and from there they learn that one of the Magi knights is leading its operations. the apply named Lightning Dust. after Thunder Realm surrenders and Lighting dust gets killed only to reveal that he was part of the strike squad that killed Sarges squad. the group recruits three of the thunder realm soldiers and takes the spiret stones for themselves 600 spirit stones. then they meet with General Creed via hologram. General Creed ends by saying “I’m Sorry”?

the group goes back to Accer Farms aka Red Base and awaits the next day. the next day Soveless the current leader of Red Star arives and meets with the PC’s, Pilgramidge learned that his racsisiom was due to a far realm parasite in his ear and then gets a psionic transport ship. now the group is home, there rested and they have a new healing tonic called Sarges blessing. Thunder Realm is on there way, what will they do now…



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