Red Star Adventures

log 15. the fall of Creed.

date: 04/27/2002 LW. through 09/01/2002 LW
players: bob, Michael, brian, Ty.

the dragon hit the town with lightning and thunder. a battle ensued outside its gates as Teagor’s monster clan held the line of thunder realm soldiers. the main red star members with much trouble were able to take out General Creed and with his death also came the death of his dragon Arkimedias. after the battle it was found that out of the few casualties one was important Mr.Engle the master weapons sargent and blacksmith. after this battle the town was built up and over the course of 5 months the town had grown significently.

5 months later and with no word from forcestorm, the group was at one of there morning meetings with the Mayor. a bomb goes off but Sarg was able to prevent any damage from the blast. they look into the mater and discover that the under dark tunnle was comprimised and something mechanical in nature broke in and planted the bomb. a new tunnel was discovered and the main team are just about to set fourth and explore it…



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