Red Star Adventures

Of Ponies and Kittens: Farewell

season 1. Episode 3

Pierce as Earth Breaker
Alex as Silver Fang
Bob as The Human

Earth Breaker’s fiance broke off the marrage to him after learning about his wings. so he made up his mind to leave the village of Soverign in search of a new home. one with The Seekers. Little did he know that a new threat was coming to the village so soon.

A new creature came to Soverign after escaping the magical radiation from the northern country of Thunder Realm. A human to be exact, and he was looking for some work. After meeting with The Mistress he was told to ask for some property that had gone missing back from Silver Fang. Silver Fang didn’t respond so well in their first meeting, so he figured that the second time around would only be worse.

The human riled up the townsfolk so that he could go and murder Silver Fang, his reasons are still unknown, but sometimes evil just comes knocking at your door.

the townsfolk all backed off as soon as Silver Fang showed off his lightning and scared them. Earth Breaker was forced to kill the human, who claimed that The Mistress had asked him to kill the cat. Silver Fang went to investigate, and found out that The Mistress had no idea what the hell was going on. She did proceed to demand her property back, and SIlver Fang made a deal. After giving her a fake gem, he told her that he would sale the rest of them to her for a hefty price. she agreed.

after that Silver Fang ran home packed up his supplies and convinced Earth Breaker and Ladybug to follow him as they ran away. He had told Silver Fang that The Mistress was pissed and gunning for him. Together they left, and Silver Fang still held the crystals in his paws… for now

“Sadly this particular part of the campaign universe is over with until I find a new group to continue the story.”



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