Red Star Adventures

Of Ponies and Kittens: Sovereign

Season 1. Episode 1

Pierce as Earth Breaker
Alex as Silver Fang

The small town of Sovereign is located in the southern borders of Ever Glow and is home to the earth pony decedents that had survived the orcish assault just over a hundred years ago. Two young people, an earth pony farmer and part time guard along with a purrasion cat are set out by the guard captain to reclaim an old outpost from the local monsters that have settled in so that the town could begin expanding.

On their way out they meet the contingent of six guards who are to take permanent positions at the outpost once its reclaimed. The two protagonist scout out the outpost by themselves first and after killing two giant ticks and being chased off by raptors they decide to rethink the plan. They spend nine days training the worthless solders and try the mission again only this time with backup. After killing a fleshy monstrosity they are assaulted by locust and take cover inside the old dwarven outpost.

inside they discover an elder thing and after a short fight they allow the peaceful creature to leave. They spend half a day hiding from the locust before the swarm outside disperses. While inside they found evidence that the dwarfs had been betrayed in the past and the reason for their fall was due to the orcs buying out the dwarf commander.



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