Red Star Adventures

Of Ponies and Kittens: The Caves

Season 1. Episode 2

Pierce as Earth Breaker
Alex as Silver Fang

Things moved slowly as Earth Breaker began experiencing pain in his back. The blame fell upon the blood of an elder thing as they attacked it during the last mission. That wasn’t all though. Silver Fang was making his worst impression on The Mistress. Silver Fang wanted to have Ladybug, the unicorn, to become his apprentice. After a discussion, The Mistress told him that she no longer cared either way. He could take her up on it if he really wanted too.

Later the two recieved a mission to clear out a monster from one of the caves where The Mistress did meditation. Since Earth Breaker was still experiencing pain, they bought some potions from Ladybug. The potions were not trustworthy.

Inside the cave they fought a giant undead monster made from the skins of dead ponies stiched together and filled with straw. Afterwards they tried using the healing potions. the potions lit them on fire. they continued onward.

After finding the meditation spot, Silver Fang proceeded to steal the white crystals that she had used in some sort of ritual in front of the old stone gate that blocked the dwarves off from the ponies. then Silver Fang tried to steal from The Mistress’s treasure horde, and he died by the guardian that protected it.

after being brought back to life thanks to the revival potion he so promptly stole. Earth Breaker returned home, his back in more pain than ever before.

the next day Silver Fang and Ladybug came to visit Earth Breaker, and were surpised to find that he had hid himself away in his room. after breaking in they discovered him with a new set of wings, Earth Breaker was no longer an earth pony…



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