Red Star Adventures

Red Star Adventure misc

Bank Burglers and Cool Cats

In the city of Harperia

The players: Damian, Bob, Levi, Allen, Jacob, Alex.

In the city of Harperia a group of Candy’s Unsavory’s are given a mission to break into a bank, rob it, and leave behind a red rose. After doing so it turns out they framed Rose Red for robberys on Red Star. This started a war. Meanwhile Allen decided to send adventurers after an assasin named Big Bill, he was one of Candy’s Black Daggers.

Big Bill is Bob’s brother in law.

Later on after the war’s first movements were looking bleak for Red Star, Big Bill attacks the Unsavory’s club and tries to kill them claiming his right to Allen’s life, and then after an unprovoked attack, he claim’s the ‘clean house’ act and tries to kill everyone.

He gets killed by the players.

Now the players hold a higher rank in Candy’s Empire, but with it comes more responsibility to make her more money.

Cliff notes:

1. Infinity Force: a group of mercenary’s using battle suits with powers.
2. Big Bill the Cool Cat is murdered.
3. Rose Red and Red Star started a war thanks to the actions of Candy’s Empire.
4. Big Bill’s mansion was burned down, leaving Bob’s familymissing.



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