• Alexander Shardstorm

    Alexander Shardstorm

    human knight, brave, loyal, distrusting of outsiders
  • Allaster


    human mage, kilics aprentice. loves destruction and fire
  • Bar Bar chrom

    Bar Bar chrom

    barbarian, loves to drink and fight
  • Benit Greenhill

    Benit Greenhill

    squad leader 3, flame specalist. firey personality.
  • Billy Venderton

    Billy Venderton

    squad leader 4. archer, brown hair. quiet, does not stand out.
  • Darkscale


    a black scaled dragonborn, he is the mortal enemy of Red Star
  • Del Rtia

    Del Rtia

    Del commander, strong, fearless, ruthless, angry, no morals
  • Del'Rita


    dragonwomen that takes crap from no one and will rip the head off of anyone or anything it her way even her allys
  • Dennis jankens

    Dennis jankens

    squad 5 leader, silly, caring, soft hartted. sr.dirt mover
  • Forcestorm Honda

    Forcestorm Honda

    Proud leader of Red Star. warlord, craves knowledg, twisted.
  • Hawk Eye (Drop Stone)

    Hawk Eye (Drop Stone)

    Earth pony archer for The Sovereign town guard
  • Henry Engle

    Henry Engle

    sturdy, clean shaven Half dwarf. traveling merchant.
  • Jack Yellowbraid

    Jack Yellowbraid

    Squad leader 2. quiet, dumb, hard working.
  • Johnathon brisby

    Johnathon brisby

    half halfing half shifter, intellegent, book keeper, unsocial
  • Kilic the forgetful mage

    Kilic the forgetful mage

    ultimate wizard, with short term memory
  • Ladybug


    Unicorn cleric who isn't very good at her job
  • Lota


    Lota the merchant. Sells things quick and cheap, her stock is always changing
  • Mr. Engle

    Mr. Engle

    sturdy dwarf, bar tender, inn owner, black smith, carpenter.
  • Pepper


    were dog(pug). she is simple and hyper active
  • Punt the goblin

    Punt the goblin

    red star rogue. he was good at killin and stealin
  • Rock Soul

    Rock Soul

    tall, quiet, loyal, strong. leader of squad 6 goliath squad
  • Sarg (Spanner)

    Sarg (Spanner)

    Sargent and leader of Red army, gruff and truthful, millitary
  • Scarred Strider

    Scarred Strider

    jacklewere, quiet, thoughful
  • Sovless


    kobold, fey knight, justice and valor.
  • Spot


    Jacklewere, makes fun of others
  • Squizgar The Uncanny

    Squizgar The Uncanny

    a dwarven wizard, he is a rival to Wormwood the Uncanny.
  • Sticky


    a jacklewere, OG gangsta, tries to be a badass
  • The Mistress

    The Mistress

    Slutty leader of Sovereign and ex adventurer
  • Timithy Barkwood

    Timithy Barkwood

    Squad leader 1. human, not too bright but always happy to help
  • Witherflanks


    The most pathetic guard that Sovereign has ever seen