Red Star Adventures

The Fall of Dark Scale
Session: 66

Levi as Fin
Bob as Hound
Jacob as Jigxis
Allen as both, Johnathan, and Abigale
Deamon as Tox

Of Ponies and Kittens: The awkward four
Season 2. episode 4

Alex as Nevermore
James as Pinkie
Lauren as
Kruizze as

Of Ponies and Kittens: Farewell
season 1. Episode 3

Pierce as Earth Breaker
Alex as Silver Fang
Bob as The Human

Earth Breaker’s fiance broke off the marrage to him after learning about his wings. so he made up his mind to leave the village of Soverign in search of a new home. one with The Seekers. Little did he know that a new threat was coming to the village so soon.

A new creature came to Soverign after escaping the magical radiation from the northern country of Thunder Realm. A human to be exact, and he was looking for some work. After meeting with The Mistress he was told to ask for some property that had gone missing back from Silver Fang. Silver Fang didn’t respond so well in their first meeting, so he figured that the second time around would only be worse.

The human riled up the townsfolk so that he could go and murder Silver Fang, his reasons are still unknown, but sometimes evil just comes knocking at your door.

the townsfolk all backed off as soon as Silver Fang showed off his lightning and scared them. Earth Breaker was forced to kill the human, who claimed that The Mistress had asked him to kill the cat. Silver Fang went to investigate, and found out that The Mistress had no idea what the hell was going on. She did proceed to demand her property back, and SIlver Fang made a deal. After giving her a fake gem, he told her that he would sale the rest of them to her for a hefty price. she agreed.

after that Silver Fang ran home packed up his supplies and convinced Earth Breaker and Ladybug to follow him as they ran away. He had told Silver Fang that The Mistress was pissed and gunning for him. Together they left, and Silver Fang still held the crystals in his paws… for now

“Sadly this particular part of the campaign universe is over with until I find a new group to continue the story.”

Of Ponies and Kittens: The Caves
Season 1. Episode 2

Pierce as Earth Breaker
Alex as Silver Fang

Things moved slowly as Earth Breaker began experiencing pain in his back. The blame fell upon the blood of an elder thing as they attacked it during the last mission. That wasn’t all though. Silver Fang was making his worst impression on The Mistress. Silver Fang wanted to have Ladybug, the unicorn, to become his apprentice. After a discussion, The Mistress told him that she no longer cared either way. He could take her up on it if he really wanted too.

Later the two recieved a mission to clear out a monster from one of the caves where The Mistress did meditation. Since Earth Breaker was still experiencing pain, they bought some potions from Ladybug. The potions were not trustworthy.

Inside the cave they fought a giant undead monster made from the skins of dead ponies stiched together and filled with straw. Afterwards they tried using the healing potions. the potions lit them on fire. they continued onward.

After finding the meditation spot, Silver Fang proceeded to steal the white crystals that she had used in some sort of ritual in front of the old stone gate that blocked the dwarves off from the ponies. then Silver Fang tried to steal from The Mistress’s treasure horde, and he died by the guardian that protected it.

after being brought back to life thanks to the revival potion he so promptly stole. Earth Breaker returned home, his back in more pain than ever before.

the next day Silver Fang and Ladybug came to visit Earth Breaker, and were surpised to find that he had hid himself away in his room. after breaking in they discovered him with a new set of wings, Earth Breaker was no longer an earth pony…

Of Ponies and Kittens: Sovereign
Season 1. Episode 1

Pierce as Earth Breaker
Alex as Silver Fang

The small town of Sovereign is located in the southern borders of Ever Glow and is home to the earth pony decedents that had survived the orcish assault just over a hundred years ago. Two young people, an earth pony farmer and part time guard along with a purrasion cat are set out by the guard captain to reclaim an old outpost from the local monsters that have settled in so that the town could begin expanding.

On their way out they meet the contingent of six guards who are to take permanent positions at the outpost once its reclaimed. The two protagonist scout out the outpost by themselves first and after killing two giant ticks and being chased off by raptors they decide to rethink the plan. They spend nine days training the worthless solders and try the mission again only this time with backup. After killing a fleshy monstrosity they are assaulted by locust and take cover inside the old dwarven outpost.

inside they discover an elder thing and after a short fight they allow the peaceful creature to leave. They spend half a day hiding from the locust before the swarm outside disperses. While inside they found evidence that the dwarfs had been betrayed in the past and the reason for their fall was due to the orcs buying out the dwarf commander.

log 15. the fall of Creed.

date: 04/27/2002 LW. through 09/01/2002 LW
players: bob, Michael, brian, Ty.

the dragon hit the town with lightning and thunder. a battle ensued outside its gates as Teagor’s monster clan held the line of thunder realm soldiers. the main red star members with much trouble were able to take out General Creed and with his death also came the death of his dragon Arkimedias. after the battle it was found that out of the few casualties one was important Mr.Engle the master weapons sargent and blacksmith. after this battle the town was built up and over the course of 5 months the town had grown significently.

5 months later and with no word from forcestorm, the group was at one of there morning meetings with the Mayor. a bomb goes off but Sarg was able to prevent any damage from the blast. they look into the mater and discover that the under dark tunnle was comprimised and something mechanical in nature broke in and planted the bomb. a new tunnel was discovered and the main team are just about to set fourth and explore it…

log 14. the war begins

date: 04/27/2002 LW
players: bob, micheal, brian.

the week was spent building a mine field and collapsible bridges around the town. they set up flame throwers on the walls and got 3 Scouting ships ready and flying around the village. then came a warning bell. Thunder Realm was here and so was there dragon! the group quickly despatched the scouting wave but now they have a dragon and an army about to hit there town. how will they deal with this new threat…

log 13. a dreaded feeling

date:04/20/2002 L.W.

some were dogs asked for help to save a village, the group arived only to find death and murder. pepper’s tribe was killed and her parents murdered before her eyes. as the dread attacked in full force. they attempted to trap the heros in a falling pit but the group escaped just in time and destroyed the enemies. it would seam that this trap was set up on purpose….

log 12, pilgramidge eve

date, 4/18/2002 LW – 4/19/2002 LW
players, Mathew, micheal, bob, suzy, brian

the team goes forward after experrimenting and killing Leeroy jankins…again. they find the Thunder Realm base, and from there they learn that one of the Magi knights is leading its operations. the apply named Lightning Dust. after Thunder Realm surrenders and Lighting dust gets killed only to reveal that he was part of the strike squad that killed Sarges squad. the group recruits three of the thunder realm soldiers and takes the spiret stones for themselves 600 spirit stones. then they meet with General Creed via hologram. General Creed ends by saying “I’m Sorry”?

the group goes back to Accer Farms aka Red Base and awaits the next day. the next day Soveless the current leader of Red Star arives and meets with the PC’s, Pilgramidge learned that his racsisiom was due to a far realm parasite in his ear and then gets a psionic transport ship. now the group is home, there rested and they have a new healing tonic called Sarges blessing. Thunder Realm is on there way, what will they do now…

log 11, Num

4/18/2002 LW
players: bob, suzy, micheal, brian

the group set out towards the old capital city of ark dawn, after learning that thunder realm has set up an outpost there. they also learn that spirit stones are there. on there way they encounter the Dark Tower guild, who are guarding the city because of its conection to the Shadow realm. the harrowing is coming soon and there might be trouble when it occurs not too mention the strong monsters that have taken residence inside the city. they get some help from them, a guide for the city. they also have a fight with a T rex, in the fight Alphonzy gets eaten and then puked back out. they don’t kill the t rex but instead let him live after realizing that he was intellegent. now they are almost at Thunder Realms outpost what will happen there…


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