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before the storm. The necromancy campaign

Week 1. Something wrong.
The small guild of Red Star has been ordered to investigate the differences of several people from the town of Rune’cape. The three of them Lead by a psion named ForceStorm went into the local forest to find out what was going on. Inside the forest with a lot of help from there ranger Zore the party finds a stack of dead human and dwarven bodies but the dead were twitching however unable to move for having been torn asunder by something. As they investigated they find themselves ambushed by a pack of Zombie wolves who were dragging bodies into the pile. After the party defeats them they try cutting down sometimes to use for burning the impure bodies piled up but accidentally awaken a druid and the druid half insane accuses the party of defiling the woods and curses them in the name of the forest god Alorune. The party are forced to fight and defeat this creture and then find out the forest is being poisoned by necromantic energies coming from the east. The party goes on after burning the bodies and move towards the necromantic energy. The forest around them starts to look more and more decayed until the area they enter is nothing but a dead forest. Some ruins have dark cloaked figures walking around and quickly dispatching them the party finds out they were zombies who were made into walking bombs. inside the ruins they find a necromancer’s lair and some journal depicting failed experiments as well as the bible of Abalah. When the party meets with the necromancer a dragonborn named Darkscale they find themselves quickly beaten but awake in the previous room apparently they were under an illusion spell. The party grabbing some left over items including a black dagger then leave back to the town of Rune’cape to report on there findings.

week 2. fallowing the trail.
After there return the party obtained payment from there Redd Cascade captain of the guard and then were offered a new job to look into the activities of the Hobs the most powerful hob-goblin tribe in Arc’Dawn. Reports of Necrotic energy coming from an abandoned mine near the town where The Hobs have taken residence. Redd suggested that the party goes to the local pub called The Broken Pub to obtain some help for this mission. inside the Pub the party obtains a few people to help and in order to receive assistance from one member The Leader ForceStorm gives the black dagger to Delrita a female Dragaonwomen who was looking for work. The guild sets off towards the mine while Delrita thinking the Dagger was magic brings it to a local mage. Kilic the forgetful mage who promises to figure out if its magic and what kind of magic in about a half day. Delrita then heads out towards the rest of the guild. Meanwhile the rest of the Guild have found the mines and after fighting the guards see Delrita and rest outside before heading inside.

week 3. finishing the trial and what do you mean shes not here?
The party moves into the mine only to find that for the most part its abandoned like its supposed to be but then they enter the next room and while expecting a treasure chest a large group of Hobs attack with some of there kobald minions. The Hobs had been hiding behind an illusion. The party defeats them easily but then the commander and leader of the Hobs war tribe appears before the party his name is Scar and he has with him two kobald archers. Three Kruthicks also enter the battlefield. Two of the party spend time capturing the Kruthicks while the rest fight Scar. After the battle the party have obtained three young Kruthicks and captured Scar and removed his knee caps to prevent him from running away. After this the party explores and finds that a Necromancer named Axle Flame was here recently but escaped via a now defunct portal. The party also finds a bunch of food storage and some books on necromancy. The party returns home to find out that three more people wish to join there guild and so with out farther adu they allow a whole mess of new people into there guild. One of the party members goes to the town hall in order to give the food they found to the mayer of Rune’cape a female human named Reta Servace. But she has been missing for two weeks now and the guards have been keeping it a secret but allow the Red star guild to try and help. They start by investigating the head maid her last name Sonya she belonging to a noble family. During the investigation they piss her off but end up getting information on the last person who saw Reta. The caterer was the last one who saw her.

week 4. Down in flames goes Axle. and to the capitol.
From the caterer the party learns of the last person to be with The mayer Reta Servace. The last person to be with her was Axle Flame the local playboy and then the players haveing the guards escorut them to the home of Axle Flame go in with the intent to save the mayer and to kill Axle. inside the party discovers a book that holds puzzle pieces inside and they must figure out how to work the puzzle and doing this discover 3 different entryways. to a dungeon or secret rooms. The party goes into the one with a dirt flore that leads to a freazer the freazer works by useing a blizzerd dragons still beating hart to keep the room cold and meat sacks hang from the cilelng each holding a fleshborn zombie or dread warrior. they go outside the door in there after dealing with the Fleshborn zombies and end up in a large clearing where they see Axle Flame and Reta the mayer. The party learns of Axle who works with Darkscale and something about the masters of evil. in the insueing battle Delrita manages to kill Axle Flame and they save Reta Servace and find out that Axle had been steeling food and resorces from the town for some large scheme plan and soon the party returns the food and Reta to the town. Farther invistagation into the house of Axle Flame reviles the location to his secret base. 3 days latter. Some members of Red Star return and bring a clearic named Eil scrubs as well as telling the party that some kind of strange illness is attacking the village of Seether. The party also gets a few messages about things to do. one of witch was an invintation to the capitol of Bright’ark to meet with the General of the Dawns hammer. On there way to the capitol the party meets up with a group of highway men who demand payment in order to pass. through a quick nogotation the group of men let the party pass for a mere 50gold and as soon as they pass the highwaymen turn into jackleweres and run off into the town. as soon as the highwaymen leave the party gets ambushed by sevral elamental’s as for the lords are taking action against the party for killing one of the masters of evil Axle Flame. the party barely servives and moves on to rest in the abandoned Acher Farms/inn. At the inn in the midle of the night the party is attacked by the same Jackleweres and find out that they belong to a gang called Ash gang that reside in the capitol and surounding area. The party fights them but the session ends in the middle of the fight and wont continue for a few weeks.

week 5. DeVa’vu?
Zore awakens back at the guild after Punt (the goblin) used a wish tokken to save him. Zore recruites two more fallowers from the guild. Enin and one other. the three of them make there way back to the inn where they had been attacked and found Punt hiding inside. Then attacked by a corupted nymph. after this two of the party Enin’s group leaves to look in another direction. Examing the Inn Zore and Punt find a warforge laying in the ruble named Cinder#4. together they make there way searching the woods at night and get lost. Ending up at a shrine where Darkscale was doing some evil ritual they end up in a fight with him before using another wish to send Darcscale to the capitiol city. Makeing there way in the morning to try and escape the woods they come across a secret socity of Deva known as the Collective. these Deva record history and research things using great psionic powers. Inside they find out about the evil starspawn and they discover Slade and the ashmoor gang along with a brainwashed (Del.)RIta. They fight the Ashmoor gang and save Rita bringing her back to her old self But Slade runs off.

week 6. what was that…oh yeah…BOOM!!!
The party Zore punt and Rita make it too the Inn#3 where two green orc’s and Forcestorm walk out of. Rita leaves the party…pissed(mateing season or embaresment?). The two orcs are Detectives Matterson and Pualy. They want help freeing the slaves the Ashmoor gang had captured and the party decides to help if only to free there own members. after sneaking up on Slade the pc’s watch him try and bargain with the Ka’ric brothers a pair of Kenku that work for candys empire. The party ambush them as soon as things turn bad. they kill Slade and wipe out his minions but the brothers sucide before they can be captured like all of candys solders. The party moves to the slave camp afterwords and with the Detectives find the slave camp and Forcestorm using a boulder hits them hard accidently cuasing a chain explosion and wiping out the enemy as well as a whole lot of slaves. the mist begains to roll in quickly covering the evidance. The slaves alot of witch survived gain there freedom and party. The party then using a large rock like a ship fly over the trees and go towards the capitol but get ambushed by Pirates…sky pirates using air ships. The party survives by tooth and nail and losing there rock stills an air ship. mean while a much larger ship from above them only showing the glowing blue eye of there laz cannon is attacking but malfunctions and the party escapes in the nic of time and returns to base.


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