Red Star Adventures

log 15. the fall of Creed.

date: 04/27/2002 LW. through 09/01/2002 LW
players: bob, Michael, brian, Ty.

the dragon hit the town with lightning and thunder. a battle ensued outside its gates as Teagor’s monster clan held the line of thunder realm soldiers. the main red star members with much trouble were able to take out General Creed and with his death also came the death of his dragon Arkimedias. after the battle it was found that out of the few casualties one was important Mr.Engle the master weapons sargent and blacksmith. after this battle the town was built up and over the course of 5 months the town had grown significently.

5 months later and with no word from forcestorm, the group was at one of there morning meetings with the Mayor. a bomb goes off but Sarg was able to prevent any damage from the blast. they look into the mater and discover that the under dark tunnle was comprimised and something mechanical in nature broke in and planted the bomb. a new tunnel was discovered and the main team are just about to set fourth and explore it…

log 14. the war begins

date: 04/27/2002 LW
players: bob, micheal, brian.

the week was spent building a mine field and collapsible bridges around the town. they set up flame throwers on the walls and got 3 Scouting ships ready and flying around the village. then came a warning bell. Thunder Realm was here and so was there dragon! the group quickly despatched the scouting wave but now they have a dragon and an army about to hit there town. how will they deal with this new threat…

log 13. a dreaded feeling

date:04/20/2002 L.W.

some were dogs asked for help to save a village, the group arived only to find death and murder. pepper’s tribe was killed and her parents murdered before her eyes. as the dread attacked in full force. they attempted to trap the heros in a falling pit but the group escaped just in time and destroyed the enemies. it would seam that this trap was set up on purpose….

log 12, pilgramidge eve

date, 4/18/2002 LW – 4/19/2002 LW
players, Mathew, micheal, bob, suzy, brian

the team goes forward after experrimenting and killing Leeroy jankins…again. they find the Thunder Realm base, and from there they learn that one of the Magi knights is leading its operations. the apply named Lightning Dust. after Thunder Realm surrenders and Lighting dust gets killed only to reveal that he was part of the strike squad that killed Sarges squad. the group recruits three of the thunder realm soldiers and takes the spiret stones for themselves 600 spirit stones. then they meet with General Creed via hologram. General Creed ends by saying “I’m Sorry”?

the group goes back to Accer Farms aka Red Base and awaits the next day. the next day Soveless the current leader of Red Star arives and meets with the PC’s, Pilgramidge learned that his racsisiom was due to a far realm parasite in his ear and then gets a psionic transport ship. now the group is home, there rested and they have a new healing tonic called Sarges blessing. Thunder Realm is on there way, what will they do now…

log 11, Num

4/18/2002 LW
players: bob, suzy, micheal, brian

the group set out towards the old capital city of ark dawn, after learning that thunder realm has set up an outpost there. they also learn that spirit stones are there. on there way they encounter the Dark Tower guild, who are guarding the city because of its conection to the Shadow realm. the harrowing is coming soon and there might be trouble when it occurs not too mention the strong monsters that have taken residence inside the city. they get some help from them, a guide for the city. they also have a fight with a T rex, in the fight Alphonzy gets eaten and then puked back out. they don’t kill the t rex but instead let him live after realizing that he was intellegent. now they are almost at Thunder Realms outpost what will happen there…

log 10, there coming

date: 4/18/2002 L.W.

an hour had passed from the time of the last battle, and Spanner took a squad of his men to track where the Thunder realm soldiers came from. they found out that the location the thunder realm soldiers came from was from the old capitol city, witch now lay nearly desserted and in disrepair. monsters roam the old city of Bright Ark now as though it was part of nature. Spanner came back from this trip and began to interrogate the thunder realm soldier they had captured revealing his troubled past in with his first squad was slaughtered by thunder realm’s General Creed. He also learned from this prisoner that Thunder Realm is coming to Ark Dawn and bringing there full force including Dragons. General Creed will be here within the month. aka 12 days at most. Red Army (the millitary branch of Red Star) is now looking at the situation with dread. they have plans to use the machines once there unburried to help fend off the invaders, but they need spirit stones to run them. Spirit stones are plentiful in never winter but Thunder Realms soldiers should have a nice stock of them at there current base inside the capitol. the real threat of the capitol city is the T-rex that live there, Smart T-rex with mega damage.
the group has decided to Raid the Thunder Realm outpost first, then go to never winter. as they planned this they spoke to Force Storm via his tellepathic link to his bird. during the conversation Forcestorm seamed stressed and was being attacked when suddenly his bird fell over dead, then his bird got back up and flew off. they believe Forcestorm to be dead and at the same time they noticed a new sun in the horizon a green one. this new sun lasted only 20 seconds then vanished. it only took a moment to realize that this was a doomsday spell going off. Finally Candies Empire has sent a liason so that they can comunacate, this person is none other then Enna Reeds. she told them that they have Candies full suport. now the real question is how to stop Thunder Realm…

log 9. Assualt

date: 4/18/2002 L.W.

Thunder Realm stood at the gates, with a platoon of soldiers. 4 squads of elf and human solders, along with a Dragonborn Comando and Captian Cruizze who damanded that they give over red base aka Accer farms. the battle began as Pilgramige wiped out the dragonborn. soon the soilders were over the wall and attacking in full force. if not for a random dread group passing by and killing Captian cruizze and all the archers the battle would have dragged on longer. after this only one thunder realm soilder was left and he is now a captive. what will happen next?

log 8, the growth of Pilgramige

date: 4/6/2002 – 4/18/2002 L.W.

the group finds the next caravan has arrived along with Forcestorm who is here for inspection. he explains that those dragon eggs are most likly the last of there kind and should be given to him so he can streangthen his alligence to Candy, he managed to get one of the eggs and left the other one because he fell in love with the idea of a Robot dragon aka the dragonforged. Drax managed to convince Pilgramige that he was useless and worthless thus plunging Pilgramige into a deep depression and then Pilgramige leaves. during this event the group had spent two weeks doing things. Pilgramige went on a spirtual journy and talked with Gustave the king of beast, and discovered a new goal. Spanner took down some “robots” and gathered food stores for the village. the farms started producing food and Drax murdered Del Heather and framed Candy for it. after the funeral Del Vexton and Spanner had a moment, when Pilgramige did come back eventually he had changed and grown. Drax not being so keen on Pilgramige decided it was time to attack and tried to kill Pilgramige. at the end of the day the group found themselves having to kill Drax. After this a platoon of soldiers from thunder realm arived just outside the gates and claimed this Fort in the name of Thunder Realm. now Red Star has a far worse situation to deal with…war

log 7. genocide

date: 4/5/2002 L.W.

the village wakes up to the sound of a Giant outside the gates demanding that they give him food, after a quick discussion with the Giant named Teagor they learn that he was forced from his home lands by thunder realm’s advances. he has adopted numerous tribes underneath his banner and needs food. Red star’s Spanner makes an aligence with him, the village shares some of its food in return they receive some trained soldiers from Teagor.

after this the group sets out to the dragon sancuary and finds a young female Del named Del Heather. they take her in after realizing she was a victim of the devil clan Crimson Lance. after some reading on the dragon emperor’s the group finds the devil and some demons killing dragon eggs, only a few remain and everything goes to shit. Pilgramige begins to destroy the last of the eggs with provokes Spanner into combat against him. The devil and demons get slaughtered and only two eggs survive. The group leaves the place everyone intact but tensions high.

log 6. machines unearthed

Date: 4/4/2002 L.W.
players: bob, micheal, brian

the group finally reunites with Spanner who was turned into a warforged (advanced sentient construct) after his “near” death from the Jacklewere’s. the Jacklewere’s are working under phrobation on the farm for there crimes. one of the Jacklewere’s named Sticky tried to run off but got killed. the group then went on to explore the tunnle’s underneath the town in search of ore. while down there they met the under dark group called The Masters who are a group of 5 warforges from the old dragconic empire days. the group made a deal with the Elementals so that they can better fight the undead, Lead by Fire the groups names are water, earth, wind, lightning. the group talked to them and found out that they have “hired” the Azer to work for them in uncovering the mechines underneath the country of Arcadia. they also learned that there are some records of Draconic history and linlieage inside the Dragon Sancuary located under the Bahumat temple ruins, also that the crimson lance are there as we speak. Drax received an order from his Father to go and kill those Crimson Lance because there on Infurnal fury property. the group also secured a nice trade deal for Ore.


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