Red Star Adventures

Harperia Session 12
Dinky and the Cane

Erik as Akemo
Edwin as Coolguy
Blaizze as Whimpy
Lukas as Logos

The group was hired to go out and make sure that a treaty between the Mcflinigins and Candy’s Empire can be made. So the group heads out after getting equipped. The guards at the gate were bribbed by the Silver Cloaks to stop them for an ambush. After defeating them they went out to the swamp and met Mcfinigin. After completing the trade and securing the allance the group goes back and gets attacked by a group of highly intellegent and unusually sized rats led by Dinky and the Cane. During the battle the players manage to work out a deal after learning that the rats who are infected with green mushrooms are against the blue mushrooms. The players go back to Crow having now secured two allies.

Harperia session 11

Bob as DR. Badcrumble
Blaize as Whimpy
Damian as Darian Warlock
Jacob as clackenstien

The group finished with saving the prostitutes from the necromancer kaflack. Then the silver cloaks made a huge offenive against Candy. With big bills mansion gone, the brotha taken over and only the crowd nest recused the players are left wandering how to fix this situation.

session 10

Bob as Dr. Badcrumble
Blaizze as Whimpy
Lukas as Logos

Crow comes in after the recent losses that Candy’s Empire has suffered and gives a mission to the players before going to get drunk. the mission is simple, go out and make a deal trading ‘clothing’ for money. they go to the beach to meet hteir contacts and find that the contacts are fake, they are actually the Silver Cloaks in stolen armor.

they fight the silver cloaks, and the tentitacle beast they brought. the beast becomes a bunch of Far Shrooms afterwards. Following this the players go back and bring back the Black Dagger they found on the corpses.

Turns out that one of Candy’s assassins was murdered, Wolf.

Harperia session 9

Blaizze as Whimpy
Bob as Dr. Badcrumble

the players were hired by crow to go out and find out why one of their factory’s outside of town went dark. it had been dark for twenty four hours. After going out they discover that an infestation of farshrooms had killed the workers and were coming from some sort of dog like mushroom thing.

After returning they got support from Crow in the form of four other unpleasents, Ex-squeeebo Cratch, Bisbox, Stoot, and Psicon.

After going back the mushrooms had mostly moved, congregating around the dog like thing and bringing human bones with them. they formed into a living monsterositiy and attacked the group. During the battle Squeebo died, and the beast had transformed itself into a wooden barral in an attempt to hide. after they rediscovered the monster it attakced almost killing Whimpy.

after the battle was concluded the players were rewarded for their efforts and a mission well done.

Harperia session 8

Bob as Clakenstine
Alex as Talvic
Damian as the fighter
Jacob as Clackenstien
edward as assasin

The players were asigned by Crow and Princess Frost to go and find out what happened ot the missing prositutes. They find out Bulk is a now a male prostitue. They track the stolen women down to the Church of the Unlucky after saving Rose, leader of the brother, and start to work their way inside.

Harperia session 7

Alex as Tolvic
Jacob as Clackenstien
Damian as Ramathorn

Candy’s unpleasents were given a title today by Crow. They were supposed to go out and steal the Stave of Sealing and Breaching from Old Hat Trick. Along the way they encountered a group of Silver cloaks Warp Swords doing the very same. After defeating them they went on to the old wall where some of the ancient machinery still functioned. after sneaking past it they got to Old Hat Trick’s square teleporting tower and drugged him before trying to open a chest in search of the stave.

The chest turned out to be a mimic and summoned it’s mimic allies to battle. the group barely survived, got the stave, and returned to their tavern. They were rewarded greately along with being made into some of Candy’s Hards. Now they will serve Candy’s criminal empire in greater capacity.

Clackenstien made a deal with Big Bill to start doing research on some of the Silver Cloaks far shroomed possessed members.

Harperia session 6

Jacob as Repair bot Fred

Alex as Tolvic

Damian as Warlock

The group was contacted by Cool Cat to go out and take over one of the Infinity Force’s bases as they messed with Candy’s mission. They learned about the powered armor that the Infinity Force uses, and how it’s powered by Aether stones. After defeating them the group is given the old tavern that the Infinity Force was using as their own base of opperations. The players decide to turn it into a tavern to preform their criminally unpleasent duties from. The tavern is called The Fallen Angel.

Candy's Unpleasents session 5

Bob as Doctor Bad Crumble
Brian as Magnus Cane
Alex as – Touvic
Damian as The Warlock
Jacob as Clackenstien
Heather as Fang

Candy’s Unpleasents are once more hired to do a job. this time they are kidnapping one of the Rose’s peace talkers, Timothy Rivers. They manage to work together to have Touvic distract the heroes who were hired out by a nuetrual guild while Magnes actually sweet talks Timothy thanks to having once been a leader of the Rose himself into joining him at the bar. They drug him adn take him away.

Back at the warehouse the group gets ambushed by a huge squad of The Silver Cloaks on one side, and a group of Red Star hereos on the other. Doctor Bad Crumble and Magnes escape with Timothy in toe, Red Star gets trapped outside the warehouse, they lure the Silver Cloaks inside and then using the drug known as Far Out, they explode the warehouse killing all the Silver Cloaks and possibly everyone else.

Doctor Bad Crumble arrives too late to do more then see the explosion and rescue Touvic and the Red Star including the famous Captain Sparkle.

Candy's Unpleasents session 4

Damian as Fighter
Jacob as Clackentien
Alex as Pacifist thief

Candy’s Unpleasents are hired to track down a missing shipment of hot weapons and return them, as well as stopping whatever stopped them in the sewer. They discover the sewers are overrun with the Far Shrooms and that the team was killed and devoured by shrooms. The Silver Cloaks have monsters in the sewers opening up portals to The Outside and letting more mushrooms come in. The Far Shrooms however melt like acid in water.

Candy's Unpleasents session 3

Bob as Doctor bad Crumble

Jace as Toltera

Lukas as Logos

Candy’s unpleasents are asigned the task of finding out who was brave/stupid enough to target Candy’s shipments. They came up with a plan to let the Silver Cloaks ambush and rob one of the caravans as Doctor Bad Crumble hides amonst the crates and gets taken to their base. They track the base down but end up spooking them out.

They find out that the Silver Cloaks have access to Warp Stone which comes from The Outside, a place outside time and space. They are also stealing Far Shrooms, another thing that hails from The Outside.

Once the group gets back to the Inn they discover some more Silver Cloaks that are planning something. They find what they believe to be the local boss and take him down.


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