Dragon Emperor

a history on dragon emperor’s. these six dragons each represented an element of nature and when working together were a force to be reckoned with, unfortunetly greed got the better of them and thus started the Lokharic wars

artek zersies was a red dragon who enslaved all and gorged on meat to become powerful, he raised an army of Dragon born soldiers who were extremly skilled at what they did.

Arkimedies was a blue dragon who forged weapons of war and mechines powered by lightning, he was famous for the original Ark Cannon witch is also what his enimies named his lightning breath.

Candy was a black dragon who had a kingdom of peace for her subjects although they had vary little rights they were happy and content, she fought wars behind the scenes with assasins and bribery. made famous for her invention of the Ark, a flying vessel witch could save houndreds of thousends of lives in case of Doomsday spell attack.

Rune’Rik was a silver dragon who was the leader of the dwarves. with there aid he created massive flying cities and began educating the lower races starting with Ork’s but eventually getting to the dog like kobolds. he was always doing research on evolution and its changes. made famous for his controversel lecture on Dragon chastity, (the practice of thoughtful breeding.)

Twiddle fish was a white dragon who loved to eat fish. he was dumb for a dragon but smart for a human, he was the most powerful in terms of phisical shape.

Volor another Red dragon but this one held the largest amount of land, he allied with devil’s and created the race of human/dragons called the Del.

Dragon Emperor

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