Red Star Adventures

log 11, Num

4/18/2002 LW
players: bob, suzy, micheal, brian

the group set out towards the old capital city of ark dawn, after learning that thunder realm has set up an outpost there. they also learn that spirit stones are there. on there way they encounter the Dark Tower guild, who are guarding the city because of its conection to the Shadow realm. the harrowing is coming soon and there might be trouble when it occurs not too mention the strong monsters that have taken residence inside the city. they get some help from them, a guide for the city. they also have a fight with a T rex, in the fight Alphonzy gets eaten and then puked back out. they don’t kill the t rex but instead let him live after realizing that he was intellegent. now they are almost at Thunder Realms outpost what will happen there…



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