Lota the merchant. Sells things quick and cheap, her stock is always changing


atr: /18

str: 4
con: 2
Dex: 4
Int: 2
wiz: 3
Chr: 3

HP:40 +2 regenerate

armor: 4+2=6 Destroyer:
toughness: regenerate: 2+0=2
hasten: 2+4=6 stealth: 2+6=8
professor: 2+2=4 Puzzler:
Revelationist: 2+2=4 Mender: 1+0=1
politician: 3+3=6 economist:

Iron Will: 3 Menace:


Whirlwind Strike: Ranged 10, damage D10, pirecing 2.

Pacifist Eyes: Ranged 10, burst 3, slow 6, very friendly fire

Invisible: allows for attacks while having a chance to stay hidden.

Cross’s Gift: no one knows exactly what she is. It’s impossible to tell. but it is clear that she is at least partially human.


After years of scavenging in the most dangerous of locals, Lota has learned how to disappear, and if need be striker her opponents down with ease. usually she will avoid any conflict if at all possible.

Very little else is known about her, other than the fact that she is not human. With her elongated face, and short red and pink stripped tail that’s tied into a bun. Her bright green eyes pierce your soul or offer such kindness that you think she’s an angel. The only part of her body not covered in ropes are her eyes, and the dark yellow fur surrounding them. all the rest of her is hidden.

Even on a full success, it would seem that her racial identity is strange. She registers as human, and animal at the same time. What kind of animal is hard to tell. Sometimes she comes up as a deer, other times she comes up as a bird, or a primape. This is a result of a spell that hides her true identity, given to her from the great and powerful wizard known as Cross.


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