Red Star Adventures

Harperia session 9

Blaizze as Whimpy
Bob as Dr. Badcrumble

the players were hired by crow to go out and find out why one of their factory’s outside of town went dark. it had been dark for twenty four hours. After going out they discover that an infestation of farshrooms had killed the workers and were coming from some sort of dog like mushroom thing.

After returning they got support from Crow in the form of four other unpleasents, Ex-squeeebo Cratch, Bisbox, Stoot, and Psicon.

After going back the mushrooms had mostly moved, congregating around the dog like thing and bringing human bones with them. they formed into a living monsterositiy and attacked the group. During the battle Squeebo died, and the beast had transformed itself into a wooden barral in an attempt to hide. after they rediscovered the monster it attakced almost killing Whimpy.

after the battle was concluded the players were rewarded for their efforts and a mission well done.



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