Iron Hills

The Iron Hills is a mass of giant imposing mountains, deep and dark vallys, and reminders of the ancient past. A Great deal of Thunder Realm’s wars were fought here back when the Dragon Empires were still raging their great devestation upon the land. A series of apocaypse spells were activated here, the most devastating of which were the ones unleashing earthquakes that tore up the land and forever left it scarred.

Dwarves eventually moved in and began building into and underneath the landscape. With the high concentraition of magic, there was a strong pressence of Spirit Stones for mining. THe dwarves however caught the attention of Tunder Realm and a war began between the two. The iron Dwarves were sadly destroyed by the onslaught of the kingdom when it was at it’s full might.

Now small settlements dot the landscape, alongside many different ruins, and places of magical splender. the wealth to be had here is still very high, if one can brave the risks posed by this enviroment.

Places of interest.

Tower Town
The Gaping Maw

Iron Hills

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